Less Traditional Ways for You to Try to Help You Relax and Destress

Everybody has stress in their life. Whether it’s related to work, problems they are having at home, or they are worried about money, stress is very real and seems to be a growing problem.

While there are a number of traditional relaxation methods such as yoga or tai-chi which many people turn to, these methods don’t always work for everybody or they aren’t entirely enjoyed.

If you are somebody who has tried the regular relaxation methods are looking to try something a little, shall we say, different, then keep reading.


That’s right! Gardening! The very activity which you commonly associate with elderly people. But do you know which another attribute you also associate with the elderly? Quiet and relaxed. There is a reason why so many elderly people enjoy gardening, and it’s because it’s a relaxation activity.

You don’t need to build your own vegetable patch or elaborate flower design, you simply need to take a few garden tools and spend some time with the soil. Whether you spend the day churning your soil and removing weeds or planting some new flowers to grow, spending time gardening has surprising relaxation benefits which aren’t limited to people over the age of 80.


Similar to gardening, to non-fishers, the activity is considered to be a boring one. However, just as with gardening, there is much more to the activity than meets the eye. Especially when it comes to fly fishing. To get started, check out the Groupon Coupons page for Bass Pro for some beginner equipment and advice.

For those who don’t know, fly fishing requires you to do nothing more than stand in the middle of a slow running lake and listen to the sound of the water and nature around you while you wait for a fish to catch your bait. That’s it.

While it can seem like it will get boring very quickly, you would be surprised at how relaxation the sounds of nature can be and just how much the sound of water running can help your mind to drift away.


No, you don’t have to strap on the gloves and fight your way through your local tournaments every weekend. All you need to do is strap on some gloves and take out your anger and frustration on a weighted punching bag in a boxing class at your local fitness center. While it might not initially seem like an activity which you would enjoy, kicking and punching out your stress is one of the most cathartic activities you can undertake.

Get in the Water

When most people think about de-stressing and the water they immediately think about swimming as many laps as possible until your body and your brain is exhausted. However, this tip come in the form of a more playful activity.

Find yourself a quiet pool early in the morning or a safe nearby lake or water bed where you can relax and plan in the water. Swim a few strokes, wade the water, move around, spin, dive, whatever it is, do it in the water and at your own pace Being in the water is a great way to relax your body and mind.

If an idea on this list doesn’t seem like it’s for you at first glance, don’t be afraid to get outside of your box and try something new. What’s the worst that can happen? YOu end up completely relaxed?

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